Our Community

Groundings Ourselves in Our Values

Creating a Space for Community​

We began construction for the cafe during 2020, a year of racial and emotional turmoil. Navigating buildout during 2020 was challenging, but we pressed forward knowing the need for our cafe space.

Stomping Grounds Cafe is grounded in three core values:


We strive to promote fair treatment of our students, cafe staff, and customers; cultivate equity within the communities we serve. We want our students, staff, residents, and customers to know that we fully believe in the fair access and opportunity of resources for all people, regardless of race, class, or gender.


We respect and embrace that our staff and students self identify as who they are and because of this we are able to learn the needs of different groups of people. Promoting visibility helps us connect with our community on a deeper level and we’re able to grow in harmony together.


At the core of what we do is community. We don’t just offer coffee, we offer a space for conversation. We don’t just ground coffee beans, we ground ourselves in values. We believe in celebrating the fact that we are all different because it’s the one thing we have in common.


Stomping Grounds is situated in Powelton Village, West Philadelphia.

Philadelphia itself has a lot of history and our team decided to embody both the past and present, hence the name Stomping Grounds. It serves as a communal space for older organizations & businesses already situated within the historic West Philadelphia community, and it leaves space for up-and-coming establishments.

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